List of Trailer Manufacturers in India: What Do You Need to Know Before Buying A Trailer?

Trailers are important resources for any construction company to transport and unload different materials. They are easier to use and prove to be more convenient than bulky dumper trucks.

 Trailers have the ability to make faster back and forth trips to carry and unload things without detaching the vehicle. When you look for it, there will be an extensive list of trailer manufacturers in India. But how will you choose the best option?

In this article, we share everything you need to know about before buying a trailer.

Types of Trailers

You will come across two types of trailers that include electric trailers that are meant for a lighter load and hydraulic trailers for heavier loans.

Hydraulic trailers are used when the weight is too heavy for the operator to bear alone. These trailers are remote controllers, which makes it easier to unload the material.

Tare Weight

It is referred to as the trailer weight. The lighter the tare weight, the better will be the fuel efficiency. A light trailer can also be towed by smaller vehicles and will have a lower registration fee. When looking at the list of trailer manufacturers in India, ensure to consider the one which is light-weight but still capable of heavy-duty operations.


Before buying a trailer, understand the load, you will be carrying it on. This is defined as the carrying capacity or payload capacity of the trailer. Evidently, you must choose a trailer featuring a high payload while maintaining light tare weight.


The material used in manufacturing a trailer plays a significant role in its durability. These vehicles should be made with strong materials that are capable of withstanding heavy material, harsh road conditions, and extreme weather conditions.

The base of the trailer especially needs to be strong so that it does not scratch while unloading materials. Scratches on the surface can result in corrosion, which is expensive to repair as well as maintain.

Maintenance Tips for Trailers

  • A well-maintained tow coupling is imperative to ensure that the trailer and vehicle are properly connected. Therefore, ensure to do a regular inspection in order to ascertain that there are no loose parts.
  • You should inspect the electric wires on a regular basis. If they are not adequately stowed, they can get damaged or frayed.
  • It is important to do a regular inspection of the braking system to ensure that everything functions properly. Check for the wear and tear on the brake cables and brake shoes. Examine the brake pads as well and change them if you see any wear.
  • Trailers work in an unpleasant environment, and so you should make it a point to clean your trailer regularly. This will allow you to maintain the vehicle’s structural integrity.
  • Check all the electrical and connections cables and see if all the lights on the trailer are working.

Trailers, as the name suggests, are used for tipping materials. They are very common in construction sites. However, make sure you choose a reliable and reputed manufacturer to ensure that you get a robust and durable trailer that caters to your transportation needs.

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