Types Of Truck Trailers You Must Know About

Truck trailers are the most beneficial for industries that require transportation of bulky materials. However, different people need different kinds of products to be carried in these trailers. That is why there are several variants of truck trailers available in the market. Before buying one, you should know about all the alternatives so that you can pick the suitable one for your purpose. To help you out, we have brought here some of the common variations designed by most trailers manufacturers in India.

Box Body Trailers

These are enclosed trailers that can be used to transport the goods safely. They usually have sidewalls to keep the products covered from all sides and protect them from environmental factors and theft dangers. You can pick this one for transporting packaged items like steel coils, tiles, or cement bags. They can be customized for different convertible side walls as per your need. Box body trailers fit best in several use cases, but you still have to check if they solve your purpose or not.

Flatbed Trailers

If you want to transport heavy material that is large in size, you need flatbed trailers. You can easily find these with most of the trailers manufacturers in India because this is quite a common variant. It can be used for transporting products like bigger pipes or heavy machinery. These can sustain more load as compared to the box body trailers. However, they don’t provide the benefit of security. They are open from all sides. So you can’t transport items that require stability or safety within the trailer.

Curtain Trailers

Do you want to extract both box body and flatbed trailers’ advantages and put them into one variant? Then, curtain trailers are the solution for you. They provide you with all the benefits of flatbed trailers while incorporating the security of box body ones. Plus, you can quickly load or unload the products from this. The three types of curtain systems found in this are:

  • Sliding System
  • Fixed System
  • Sider Rood System

What you select from these depends on your purpose and individual requirements.

Tip Trailers

Another interesting variant is the tip trailers. These are usually used for the surface transfer of materials like coal, clinkers, and iron ore. What makes them different from others is the tipping feature. They can tip the loading floor to make the work easy. You need to check various factors like axle and length of the trailer before buying it for your truck. Only then can you find the right fit.

Low Bed Trailers

These are the most commonly used for transporting heavy machinery, cargo, or vehicles. Their bed is kept lower to make it easy for putting on and taking off the bulky items. You can find hydraulic ramps for these so that the work is made even more convenient. They are available in variable lengths based on the purpose. Therefore, you need to specify your use case before buying one, or else, you will waste your money.

Skeletal/Semiskel Trailers

These are also called the semi trailers because they only provide a platform for putting the containers on. The items are loaded in the shipping containers, and then it is kept on the trailer. You can opt for this in various lengths as per your requirements.


Apart from all these, you can also get your trailer body customized. Some of the trailer manufacturers provide you with the facility of creating trailers according to your individual needs. So if none of those mentioned above variants fit into your requirements, you can go for this.

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