Low Bed Trailers

Vazron has the best trucking solutions for all Indian industries. With us, you can find low bed trailers which are meant to deal with harshest of terrains and offer superior design for the ease of transportation.

All trailers we make are products of redefined engineering which ensure complete safety and robust performance.

Semi Low Bed Trailer


A semi low bed trailer is an incredible option for industries which require a solution for carrying vehicles or machinery which is over 12 feet high. Such a trailer has two drops in the deck height. The first drop can be located at the gooseneck while other is present on right before the rear wheels. Mostly, the heavy building equipment such as bulldozers, etc is transported on low beds.

Features of Low Bed Trailers

Suspension and Steering: The low bed trailers are designed to be equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic suspension. While the spring ride low bed trailers offer a rough ride, you can experience a smoother ride with a wide range of axle movements with hydraulic suspension. Even better, you can opt for an independent suspension for an enhanced steering angle, increased stability, and more travel.

Equipment and Accessories

At Vazron, it is our client’s requirements become our priority. So, we ensure great degrees of customization in the low bed trailers.

Safety and Strength

The strength sheets are used in manufacturing to ensure that there are no joints and the seamless trailers can last longer that you can imagine. The welding joints are also taken care of with shot blasting after cubing to ensure long-lasting paint finish. Various safety checks have been done on the trailers to obtain certifications and ensure secure functioning when workmen are on board.

The maintenance cost is minimum too with incredible technology used to paint and assemble the machines.

Types of low bed trailers

The fixed gooseneck trailers are popular since they come with lighter weight but are often difficult to use when one requires front loading. Hence, the hydraulic detachable goosenecks are popular as the detachment and attachment process is effortless. For those who feel burdened by the weight of hydraulic low beds, there are mechanically-detachable goosenecks too but they require effort and time.

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