Tipper Trailers in India: An Overview


Vazron is a pioneer of the Indian Trucking industry, offering solutions that can defy the harshest of weather and road conditions. It is one of the leading tipper body manufacturers in India for a variety of applications. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Vazron possesses integrated operations, right from the R&D to the manufacturing of the final product. Not just that, you can have your machinery customized by the team of seasoned designers and engineers.
Robust and reliable trailers with competitive tipper trailer prices in India sets Vazron apart from the competition.

Features of Vazron Tip Trailers

Why Vazron Tippers?

Vazron understands the need for a dedicated service network across the country. Safety is our top priority. Our team of dedicated technicians and engineers ensure that your moving machines are working efficiently 24/7. All necessary safety features have been incorporated in the tipper trailer designs. For instance, there are zero joints in the built. Each design has been certified by safety authorities, complying with the safety at workplace norms.

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