Box Body Trailers


Vazron is one of the leading trucking solution providers in India. It offers fine-engineering when it comes to their clients' expectations. The exceptional range of trailers we offer can be customized according to our clients' requirements so that they can serve the job well.
The strength and durability of the products we offer will ensure greater functionality. Plus, the steel material used in manufacturing is reinstated to ensure compatibility with the harshest of weather conditions. You will be surprised to discover how affordable our box body trailers are in comparison to the rest of the fabricators in the market.

Box Body Trailer Overview

The box body trailers we offer range from 26-feet to 40-feet long and come in both - double axle and triple axle variants. They are perfect for use in every industry and can be customized to transport food grains, cement, and electronic goods.

Box Body Trailer Features

Some features of our trailers which make our production stand out include:

Price of Box Body Trailers

Box body trailers can cost somewhere about INR 7-10 lakh, depending upon their capacity, size, and functionality.

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