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20 Ft. Insulated Container

This container model is your choice ,if you need storage space with no moisture problems. The thick 40–40mm PIR insulation prevents moisture from condensing inside your container, keeping what’s inside dry. VAZRON uses PIR insulation for the walls, door and ceiling of insulated containers. The interior walls are white steel sheets, so this bright space is not only easy to keep clean but it is also moisture-resistant.

PIR insulation does not turn mouldy or lose its insulation capacity and, based on a smaller amount of insulation, offers up to 50% better insulation results than wool, enabling maximal use of internal measurements for storage. We supply our containers with mouldings that provide a stylish finishing touch to the carefully designed whole. You can select a new or used container as the frame for your container, which we will fit with insulation.  

• used for temperature-sensitive goodsbr
• insulated panels, roof and doors
• does not have a built in refrigeration unit
• can not heat or cool themselves but retain the temperature of the cargo for a specific length


► Tolerance range for each dimension & rating as per ISO 668 Standards.

► Specification and testing as per ISO 1496-1 Series 1 Freight Containers – Part 1: General Cargo Containers for General Purposes.