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VAZRON Side-wall Trailers are built to handle a range of cargo, including palletized goods, containers, and bulk materials. With our focus on Zero-Breakdown, Zero-Maintenance Cost, High on Safety, VAZRON Side Wall Trailers provide efficient solutions for businesses looking forward to transport goods of varying shapes and sizes.


► Use of high-grade steel, BSK-46 & HSS 700.

► Single-length sidewalls for strength, and high load capacity. 

► Single-length top rail free from joints,enhances load bearing capacity and structural integrity of the trailer.

► Heavy-duty chassis, made of narrow parallel beam (npb) with high thickness rubbing & padding plate, enhances load carrying capacity of the trailer. 

► Heavy duty-taildoor frame, ensuring strnegth & loss of goods. 

► Strengtehing done as per the requirement of the material to be loaded. 

► ICAT approved products.