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Vazron Tipping Flat Bed Trailers are best-suited for Terminals/Depots opting for Containers looking to empty material on a single-go. The tipping trailers have the right combination of main beams, axles and wheels and are manufactured according to strict dimensions. Our tipping trailers have stabilizers for efficient loading and/or unloading of containers with (bulk) material.

Tipping Container Trailer can be as skeletal type and Vazron uses high quality hydraulic cylinder and system for tipping operation. However, specifications can change as per the customer needs.


► Use of high-grade steel, BSK-46 & HSS-700.

► Single-length sidewalls for strength, and high load capacity. 

► Single-length top rail free from joints,enhances load bearing capacity and structural integrity of the trailer.

► Heavy-duty chassis, made of narrow parallel beam (npb) with high thickness rubbing & padding plate, enhances load carrying capacity of the trailer. 

► Heavy duty-taildoor frame, ensuring strnegth & loss of goods. 

► Strengtehing done as per the requirement of the material to be loaded. 

► ICAT approved products.