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20 Ft. Tunnel Container

20ft containers with double door opening are also known as tunnel containers. Double door containers are manufactured with two sets of double doors at each end of the container rather than just one end.

Cargo can be accessed from either end of the container, which makes loading and unloading faster. Double doors at either end eliminates the need to unload the entire container to access goods stored deep inside, which again saves time and reduces the risk of damage moving cargo in and out. For that reason, 20ft double door opening containers are useful for transport of smaller items that may be loaded and unloaded by hand or by forklift.


► Tolerance range for each dimension & rating as per ISO 668 Standards.

► Specification and testing as per ISO 1496-1 Series 1 Freight Containers – Part 1: General Cargo Containers for General Purposes. 

► Higher Gross Weight Containers can be made available up to 36000 Kgs. as per customer’s requirement. .

► Multiple Door Opening Options can be made available as per customer’s requirement.