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Excellence Unveiled: Crafting Trailers & ISO Containers with Precision & Expertise

VAZRON is a world-class Trailer & ISO Shipping Container manufacturing unit with Indian ingenuity. The well-established Trailer & Container production techniques, and good engineering practices make the difference. Our experienced work men, and trained welders are supervised by qualified, and experienced engineers.

Bringing the best out of every VAZRON product is a team of dynamic, and dedicated engineers who love the challenges of delivering the very best on bad roads and harsh weather conditions.



Total covered shed of 1,00,000 sq. feet. 


Open space of more than 2,00,000 sq. feet.

In House Team

Qualified Design Engineers for Trailer & Container Design Analysis, Structure Analysis, and strict control of the finished product.


Bending Shop at

900T CNC Tandem Machine of 8600 mm Length, 250T x 3000 mm Hydraulic NC Press Brake Machine & 500 T Hydraulic Press Machine for Roof Die-Stamping.

Blasting Booth For trailers & Container

15000 mm long booth, 5000 mm width, 5500 mm height. Hence, 2 TEU Container / 40 FT. Container can be shot blasted together.

Shearing Shop at Vazron

CNC Plasma Machine of 3000x15000 mm Bed length, 3000 mm Bed Length Shearing Machine. Automatic Hydraulic-operated Band saw machine, and Hack saw machine for cutting of tubes, and shafts.

Paint Booth For Trailer & Container

15000 mm long, 5000 mm wide, 5500 mm high booth facilitates efficient line production. Railway track with trolley system enables container movement between blasting, and paint booth.


Testing Jig Facility for

In-house Testing Facility competent to test containers of 20/40 FT. GP/HC, as per the norms of ISO 1496/1.

Automatic Welding Machine

Automatic Butt-welding machine with Water Cooled Pulse Jet Mig welding machine. Machine being used for Roof/Side wall/ Front Wall Sheet Welding.

Boxing Jig for Container

In-house developed boxing jigs competent to assemble containers of different types. The boxing jig has scope to take containers up to 40 ft. in length and 9.6 ft. in height. Proper Clamping arrangements been given to prevent dimensional errors.

Other Facilities

  • 60-70 nos. MIG Welding Machine – Panasonic Make.

  • 6 -EOT Crane (Single Girder) 10 T – 3nos. & 5 T – 3 nos.

  • Liquid Argon Tank 6KL Capacity – LINDE. Entire Welding is done through mixture of argon and Co2.

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM) & Spectrometer – Blue star to check chemistry/mechanical properties of Steel, Plywood.