26 Cum Trailer


Vazron is a leading manufacturer of quality trucking solutions for the Indian market. All of the trailers are designed with fine engineering and attention to detail. Your requirements, as our clients, is our top priority, so we can customize the equipment to meet your expectations.
The 26 cum trailer Nagpur is articulately designed to cater to the industrial functioning of coal and construction companies. The safety and security features we imbibe in our production give us an edge over our competitors in the Indian as well as global market.
In the built and design of this 26 cum trailer Bhubaneswar, we have ensured that it is lightweight but robust enough to operate well on the rugged roads. Since the trailer is lightweight, it allows the operators to tip the material faster. For the huge work sites, faster tipping means that the truck can take more rounds to carry material from source to the site within a shorter time cycle.


The 26 cum trailer offered by Vazron is one of a kind solution to all your expectations, offering everything from incredible suspension, lower time cycle, to all possible safety certifications. Our team at Vazron assures you that the trailers can be designed to meet your expectations and delivered at the location of your choice.

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